Save Bletchley Park – and learn about social media as a vehicle for change

Dr. Sue Black is a remarkable example of how much can be done in raising visibility and recognition of good causes, using conventional and new media. For the past two years, I have kept track of her campaign to generate interest in Bletchley Park and her own role as a voluntary campaigner in winning much wider support for Bletchley Park and playing her part in the “rehabilitation” of/official apology to Alan Turing.
Bletchley Park is a good indication of how much the UK stands to lose critical national assets because we as a country do not do nearly enough to invest in the long-term. Interestingly, Sue Black is not a Trustee of Bletchley Park, nor a paid employee, yet as an active citizen, she has taken the initiative and has brought in support from government and private sector, and helped to “internationalise” the appeal.
The Trust can gain from harnessing the support of active citizens in what is clearly a collaborative endeavour to preserve and build on this rich episode of British – and more broadly, European- history.  It also reminds us how innovative the UK has been in creating and developing the computer, and because of official secrecy, the courage and achievement of a whole generation of code-breakers, typists and linguists would be forgotten were it not for Bletchley Park and those who support it.
This is her latest blog:
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