Dr Christothea Herodotou is a Lecturer at The Open University, UK. Her research interests focus on the evaluation of technologies for learning (web-based platformsdigital games, and mobile applications) through innovative research methodologies including crowdsourcing and learning analytics. Christothea has worked as a primary teacher for seven years and has received training in carrying out research with children and young people in her doctoral studies and postdoctoral work at the university. Full profile can be found here .

Dr Chrysoula Mangafa is a Lecturer at The Open University, UK.  Her research interests involve school based research investigating the potential of interactive technologies in learning and children’s development, teacher training, technology-enhanced learning and special education. Her background is in teaching children with autism and learning differences in mainstream and special schools. Chrysoula is interested in community engagement and translating research into classroom practice.Full profile can be found here .