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Podcast directory and devices

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

As part of the eLearning Community event this week, I’ve made use of the OU Podcast Directory in beta development by KMi to host a screencast of the initial presentation I gave on podcasting from devices to a group mostly consisting of ALs. We tried a couple of video and audio recordings and uploaded directly to the system. You might like to look at the resulting podcast collating the results. The presentation slides are also available here.

While on the theme of screencasting, there are also now a couple of examples of using the Java/OperaMini emulator and the iPhone simulator, both available in the Digilab, as part of the Mobile Technologies knowledge-sharing group wiki. Still looks like I have to improve my sound levels, so may need a re-record!

‘Visit the OU on iTunes U’

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Congratulations are due to many colleagues, particularly in KMi, LTS and Communications, who in a very short space of time responded to a challenge to be part of the first group of UK universities to have a presence on Apple’s iTunes U. Many OU bloggers have commented on this and the external news was favourable (once they had the complete picture from differing publicity engines that is!).

In the near future, the OU Podcast Directory developed by KMi will be updated to include the offerings that are available on iTunes U, and will also provide web-based access to the same content, and to other podcatchers or aggregators. Hopefully this Podcast Directory will also soon be able to host other OU created content suiable for a wider public audience, and in turn provide publicity for any OU course podcasts deemed appropriate.

On a VLE-specific note, the pilot of the iPodcast module with M887 is going well, and is leading to interesting considerations as to how much blended learning can be provided both within, and wrapping-around the audiovisual content.

Final? educational podcasting workshop

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Colleagues in MCT have been running a series of Podcasting workshops, particularly around what is offered by educational podcasting, and what the OU can do in this area. There is a Knowledge Network workspace for the events, and the fourth in the series is to be held in June, details below:

The next podcasting workshop arranged by Shailey Minocha and Kay Bromley (Computing dept) will be held on Wednesday June the 18th in the ground floor meeting room of JLB, from 10:00 until 3:30pm. This is the fourth in a series of workshops and this time the theme will be ‘Podcasting and Beyond’. We will look at what is happening around the University in general, with speakers from LTS and the VLE team. Then we will consider some examples of what individual courses are currently doing and consider where we can go with podcasting.

Please express interest in attending by emailing Kay Bromley at by Monday 2nd June. Attendance is limited to 30 and we will be able to confirm your place by 6th June. We would also like you to send a position statement (up to 100 words) giving a brief outline of your experience/interest in podcasting to Kay by 11th June to share with other participants.

The position statements will be placed in the workshop’s area on the KN ahead of the workshop. The workshop discussions will be consolidated in a report which will be disseminated via the KN.

For proceedings of the previous three workshops on podcasting, please

Podcasting and associated AV

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

As part of an ongoing mission to involve our regions and get AL feedback on mobile learning initiatives, I participated in a development day in the Thinktank, Birmingham on ‘Communicating with and supporting students via the internet:  Web 2.0′ organised by colleagues in MCT.

I was interested to hear concerns about moves to more online synchronous collaborative activities and how this fitted into the ‘anytime’ notion of study and where students have chosen the OU model to fit around their other commitments. In addition to becoming platform-independent online, we also can’t ignore the offline (synchronised, or asynchronous) users – also the easier and more widespread it becomes to create audiovisual material, the more we need to think about how this is sensibly archived for review and potential reuse.

The work shown by the other presenters was also extremely interesting and well structured and may be of interest to other colleagues. Shailey Minocha presented on Wikis in M883, Peter Thomson gave a very thorough overview of his use of FlashMeeting and Wendy Baird took us through a very detailed ‘recipe book’ on how to create a podcast.

The slides I used have now been uploaded here. If other content becomes available, I will update this posting.

Separately, the MCT faculty in Walton Hall hosted the last of the current set of Educational Podcasting workshops, where we also heard from an external speaker in a similar area from the University of Leicester IMPALA project. Shailey Minocha informed the group that the findings and recorded sessions will soon be available to a wider audience via the Knowledge Network. Thanks go to her and our other colleagues for organising and facilitating a comprehensive programme of events over the 3 separate days.

Device roundup

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Recently, the MTech group conducted a device roundup to relate experiences in using particular mobile technologies.

Specifically, we looked at:

  • Apple iPod Touch (and quick comparison with iPhone)
  • Qtek 9100 – PDA/Smartphone
  • Nokia N95 – Multimedia phone
  • Asus EEE PC – Ultramobile PC/Sub-notebook

and there are some captured session feeds and notes available from:
This was also the first opportunity for us to try the KMi Podcast Directory currently in development, so you can also see a rough-cut of the devices used, with commentary at:

A follow-up session is planned for 10th March in the Library Presentation room, where we hope to cover the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, Samsung Q1 ultramobile PC/tablet among others.

Post-Berrill presentation

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

I’ve updated the slides to include some notes which may be helpful to colleagues, and there are also some contact points that I referred to that may be of interest:

Digilab and Mobile Technologies (MTech) knowledge-sharing group – the next event is next Tuesday 2-4PM in the Library Presentation room on the ground floor. If you are interested in devices or the PDA emulator, come along!

Podcasting – both KMi and LTS Sound & Vision are involved here, and they discussed their work at the recent ‘Learn About‘ fair – best to talk to Martin Chiverton who’s coordinating course provision and also Ben Hawkridge if you have a podcast that you’d like added to the directory being assembled. There is also more information on the MTech wiki page.

User-generated content and use of the mediaBoard rich media moblog (mobile blog) via multimedia messaging (MMS) and exploration of the mobile web will be part of the theme of EPD staff development sessions in May 2008.

Offline Moodle – will now be discussed as part of the eLC session next Wednesday.

Berrill Presentations

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

As part of the VLE presentations to be given tomorrow, I will outline the development of the iPodcast Moodle module, future scope of mobile user-generated content and collaboration and also the next stages in the Offline Moodle work. These prompt slides will also be available on the Stadium site after the event.

Podcasting workshop on Wednesday, 13th February, 2008

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Dear all, the following event may be of interest to (aspiring) practitioners in this area:

Podcasting workshop on Wednesday, 13th February, 2008

Venue: Meeting Room 8, CETL Offices, 1st Floor, East Perry Building, Walton Hall

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Organisers: Shailey Minocha and Kay Bromley, Department of Computing

The attendance is restricted to 25 participants. Deadline for receiving the position statements (as described below) is Thursday, 24th January.

The aim of this one-day workshop is to bring together colleagues across different disciplines in the University to discuss the role of podcasts in teaching and learning in distance education. The workshop will involve invited presentations by colleagues who have experience in designing, developing, and delivering podcasts in academia and industry. They will present their approaches to developing and using podcasts to address key technological, teaching and learning challenges, and the lessons learned.

The workshop will also involve group and panel discussions on the following themes: (a) pedagogical rationale for educational podcasting; (b) how podcasts could be integrated within existing course materials, or used in conjunction with existing materials on a course; (c) how podcasts could be used in conjunction with other VLE tools such as forums, blogs and wikis; (d) role of podcasts in development of academic skills such as communication, analysis and reflection.

To participate, please submit 100-words description by e-mail to Shailey Minocha, by Thursday, January, 24th describing which aspects of educational podcasting are of interest to you and why. The attendance will be confirmed by Tuesday, January, 29th.

The position statements (100-word summaries) will be placed in the workshop’s area on the Knowledge Network (KN) ahead of the workshop. Access to the workshop’s area will be restricted to the workshop attendees. The workshop discussions will be consolidated in a report which will be disseminated via the KN.

Project updates: Podcasting, Course News and Alerts

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

The proof-of-concept trial system has been extended to also investigate video podcasts (or vodcasts). iPodcast Moodle module development has been delayed as the original discussions with the third-party creator came to an end once it was clear he was unavailable in the required timeframes. Alternative developers are being sought to undertake enhancements to iPodcast, under terms of GNU general public licence.

A podcasting group consisting of teams offering technology, advice and support is being convened to coordinate provision, in line with the launch of new LTS Sound & Vision studio facilities.

Future enhancements to an outsourced Audio Recording Tool are welcomed, to allow individuals to record more personal and immediate content and feedback.

Podcast creation tools are being investigated at a cross-unit level – from Apple’s incipient Podcast Producer and server infrastructure for centralised provision, to more local solutions such as Lecturnity – possibly more appropriate for capturing regional events and tutorials.

Project updates: Podcasting, Course News and Alerts

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

A few proof-of-concept trials are underway using the PodPress web-based delivery system to inform on improvements to the identified Moodle iPodcast module.

Work is also underway in collaboration with Student Services and COLMSCT and PILS CETLs to provide advice on producing podcasts, both at ‘silver’ production standards in-house, and ‘bronze’ standards from desktop machines.

Some course team staff and ALs have already tried alternative podcast hosting arrangements, which are also informing development.

A student podcast survey to the newly appointed PRESTO panel will be released soon.

Future enhancements to an outsourced Audio Recording Tool are anticipated to improve on ease of content creation.

A joint group reviewing iTunesU has been convened between Strategy Unit, OBU, KMi and Marketing, aiming for a public area to collate course, discipline and Open2 content.

RSS News feeds are being integrated in relevant blocks and modules, in addition to Atom formats, where appropriate.

Initial exploration of an SMS provider for Student Services, Edutxt is being taken under consideration. Recent developments from UKERNA and a JANET txt SMS service operated by PageOne: may alter requirements.

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