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Offline Moodle Special Interest Group

Friday, December 19th, 2008

The first meeting of this group is scheduled to be on the Weds 28th Jan 2009, 2PM-4PM Room 103, 1st Floor North Spur Building and the following are the current representatives:

Paul Beeby – Media Account Manager (OUBS), LTS Media

Colin Chambers – VLE Technical Developer, LTS Strategic

Kim Green – Learning & Teaching Technologies Manager, FELS

Val Hancock – COLMSCT Associate Teaching Fellow

Keith Honnor – Learning & Teaching Technologies Manager, OUBS

Paul Johnson – Deputy Manager, Assessment Systems Development, Student Services

Thanh Le – VLE Lead Technical Developer, LTS Strategic

Anne Pike – Offender Learning Co-Ordinator, Student Services

Tim Seal – Media Project Manager, LTS

Rhodri Thomas – Senior Project Manager, Learning Innovation Office, Strategy Unit

If you would like to join us, then please let me know via email address on the right.

I have also reinitiated the mail list for the mLearn network – you can join Strategy-mLearn-List via

Post-Berrill presentation

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

I’ve updated the slides to include some notes which may be helpful to colleagues, and there are also some contact points that I referred to that may be of interest:

Digilab and Mobile Technologies (MTech) knowledge-sharing group – the next event is next Tuesday 2-4PM in the Library Presentation room on the ground floor. If you are interested in devices or the PDA emulator, come along!

Podcasting – both KMi and LTS Sound & Vision are involved here, and they discussed their work at the recent ‘Learn About‘ fair – best to talk to Martin Chiverton who’s coordinating course provision and also Ben Hawkridge if you have a podcast that you’d like added to the directory being assembled. There is also more information on the MTech wiki page.

User-generated content and use of the mediaBoard rich media moblog (mobile blog) via multimedia messaging (MMS) and exploration of the mobile web will be part of the theme of EPD staff development sessions in May 2008.

Offline Moodle – will now be discussed as part of the eLC session next Wednesday.

Berrill Presentations

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

As part of the VLE presentations to be given tomorrow, I will outline the development of the iPodcast Moodle module, future scope of mobile user-generated content and collaboration and also the next stages in the Offline Moodle work. These prompt slides will also be available on the Stadium site after the event.

Offline Moodle project input

Friday, September 28th, 2007

A bit of a wider request for assistance this time: The development team have now got to the stage where they would like some input as to how well the synchronisation model suits our work in the OU.

In the future there will be an installation package so that you can load your local version of your course content on your desktop/laptop machine (or run from USB key, for example). At this stage of the project however, we’re clarifying how much control we would like over synchronisation itself – the kind of information we receive to estimate bandwidth/cost, how finely-grained we synchronise (e.g. just forum messages not all content) and any messages (rare conflicts) that might occur during the process.

You can start to evaluate by accessing: Snapshot v0.5

‘Synchronise Moodle’ will be an option available as a tool (on the right of this page)

Please look at the ‘Find content’ and ‘Synchronise’ pages and also please bear in mind that we are using [+] icons to denote the hierarchy of content – to course level and down to forum tools – click on these icons to expand the ‘tree’.

For background on the snapshot process, you may also like to look at: where we are currently on Version 0.5. The project itself is becoming part of a wider collaborative activity, and public information is available at: and (in both cases you can access as ‘guest’)

Our developer, Colin Chambers ( is keen for feedback to input into the upcoming ‘MoodleMoot’ discussion on 24th October, so if you have any comments on this implementation please get in touch directly.

Otherwise, if there is any general feedback you’d like added, or specific requirements to consider please also let me know.

Project updates: Offline Moodle

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

A project information release has been debated with the Moodle community. LTS development staff are now closely engaged in collaboration with the University of East Carolina, combining efforts to deliver an eventual ‘Mobile Moodle’ solution in which the Offline Moodle project is providing synchronising functionality

Installer packaging is concurrently under investigation by Intel.

A group of AL stakeholders have volunteered their services and will be evaluating snapshots of current progress, informing developments pre-MoodleMoot and wider community involvement.

Offline Moodle and staff consultation

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

As you may know we are aiming to present the methodology, structure and working examples of the Offline Moodle project to the wider Moodle community in this year’s MoodleMoot on 23rd-25th October.

Those of you who have registered on the Moodle site can look at the detail so far.
Our development team would like to be able to work soon with users familiar with, and in some respects dependent on, offline solutions (including similar experience with FirstClass Personal). The development of Offline Moodle so far has proved that synchronising content between servers (or in our case between a server and a client) is workable, and the first stage of synchronisation – in addition to copying core content – is to look at the forums within Moodle.

What this entails at the moment is for a group of users to access a server online, create test content and choose from the synchronisation options to ensure, for example, that threaded forum messages are integrated correctly. At this stage, nothing needs to be installed on your own machine (though this should follow in due course).

More details will follow, and work will largely proceed remotely, with online support from development staff, and at a later date, we may hold a face-to-face workshop at Walton Hall.

Please let me know if you’d like to be involved, and if you have a specific need that can be addressed by offline solutions.

Project updates: Offline Moodle

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I recently compiled a list of project updates for the VLE Steering Group and the project stakeholder list, which I also now include here:

Offline Moodle
Early investigations into synchronising content between server and client versions have been proven by transferring content between two server instances.

A project information release has been contributed to forums for community comment and feedback: LTS Development staff are engaged in discussion and feedback has been positive.

A group of AL stakeholders have been identified and are being approached to test and feedback on the developing synchronisation tools.

Once synchronisation is satisfactory, a single installer package will be created to run on desktop operating systems. A demonstrable solution is expected for October 2007.

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