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Podcasting update

Friday, March 9th, 2007

Quite a few things have been happening over the last few weeks, and I’ve attempted to draw together the current work on podcasting below. On a separate note, the next MTech meeting is next week, and we’re due to discuss Mobile web browsing, and what we currently offer in the OU.

Podcasting work

Establishing a proof-of-concept trial of web-based publication and delivery tools (via blog systems currently in use by OU staff), see:

Commissioning further work on the iPodcast module within Moodle to deliver course-related content.

Exploring ways to create course Podcast audiovisual material cheaply and flexibly with LTS Sound and Vision.

Enhancing the specifications for an Audio Recording Tool to enable possible future creation of podcasts by Students and ALs from their own workstations.

Potentially publicising cleared course-related content via OpenLearn to appear as a subscribable feed on iTunesU or similar.

Clearing policy for making feed content freely available and ensuring that content updaters understand that such content is potentially publicly shareable.

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