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Podcasting and associated AV

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

As part of an ongoing mission to involve our regions and get AL feedback on mobile learning initiatives, I participated in a development day in the Thinktank, Birmingham on ‘Communicating with and supporting students via the internet:  Web 2.0′ organised by colleagues in MCT.

I was interested to hear concerns about moves to more online synchronous collaborative activities and how this fitted into the ‘anytime’ notion of study and where students have chosen the OU model to fit around their other commitments. In addition to becoming platform-independent online, we also can’t ignore the offline (synchronised, or asynchronous) users – also the easier and more widespread it becomes to create audiovisual material, the more we need to think about how this is sensibly archived for review and potential reuse.

The work shown by the other presenters was also extremely interesting and well structured and may be of interest to other colleagues. Shailey Minocha presented on Wikis in M883, Peter Thomson gave a very thorough overview of his use of FlashMeeting and Wendy Baird took us through a very detailed ‘recipe book’ on how to create a podcast.

The slides I used have now been uploaded here. If other content becomes available, I will update this posting.

Separately, the MCT faculty in Walton Hall hosted the last of the current set of Educational Podcasting workshops, where we also heard from an external speaker in a similar area from the University of Leicester IMPALA project. Shailey Minocha informed the group that the findings and recorded sessions will soon be available to a wider audience via the Knowledge Network. Thanks go to her and our other colleagues for organising and facilitating a comprehensive programme of events over the 3 separate days.

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