Learning Innovation Strategy Group update

This morning saw the latest OUVLE update released and tomorrow is the next meeting of LISG, for which I’ve prepared this short update:

Work on the Mobile VLE has progressed in terms of implementing design work onto the basic (alpha) provision currently hidden from users – but accessible via adding &mobile=1 onto course URLs for multi-platform device testing. The next phase of development to apply a mobile optimised view of other VLE pages, including resource pages and selected tools is also underway for a beta technical release from March 2010.

Future work aiming for June 2010 is to further extend the optimised Mobile VLE toolset and reposition the left-hand navigation on subsidiary pages. Further integrations are expected with Structured Content delivery – so that ePub formats can be offered in addition to printable views, and exploratory work taken forward with implementing course Structured Content within an OU mobile application. Anthony Forth is taking this aspect of development work forward.

UPDATE: A request has been made to the Structured Content Group to implement work in parallel for June 2010, so that initially ePub files can be manually created and uploaded to the VLE to offer as an alternative format, aiming towards automation.

Now that this meeting and another on ePub/eBooks have taken place, I’ve amended this post, with a¬†further update to follow shortly.

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