MobileVLE design update – 5-week view

Having discussed a few design options from Peter Devine with the development team, a revision to the original wireframe layout has been suggested and approved so that instead of providing a single week update view of course activities, a 5-week view is available. The reason for this is to take account of different course organisation models and also for students who may be ahead or behind on their studies – trying to reduce the number of page requests as they move back an forth to the week or block they need to concentrate on.

In order to provide as clean a layout as possible, accounting for touch as well as stylus/keypad navigation and to reduce repeated downloads, the following design is now in the process of being implemented for March 2010:
The benefit here is so that 5 weeks worth of text and links are loaded, but the current week is displayed by default, while allowing the user to quickly reveal past or future blocks.
An exerpt of latest course news is included as well as links to forums with any unread messages; otherwise full news, forum and resources will be available as links to subsidiary pages. Note: the grey box denotes the screensize we’re aiming for and the OU header will need improvement but we’ll have to work with what’s available for now.

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