Mobile VLE: mobilising the OU forum [ForumNG]

The next in this series of features is to extend the ‘launchpad’ view indicating any forums with unread messages with a much better optimised view of all discussions and threaded messages. In addition, some management and notification features have also been maintained where possible.

In the examples above, the user can see there is one (of four) forums with unread messages, and click on the ‘View all forums’ link to see the Forums block view. Alternatively, the user can click on the specific forum link that will go to the relevant forum (with unread messages) as below.

The second example has many more discussions with unread messages (which are indicated in the middle column of the table). {I’m also demonstrating one simple but powerful benefit to Android over iOS – customising the browser options and sizes!} On clicking through to a specific discussion the default threaded view is displayed, along with the default collapsed view for read messages.


Unread messages are displayed in full and use a darker blue shade to differentiate them – it is also possible to jump back and forth between these unread messages. Replying calls up a basic text entry field for short messages.

Despite WebKit support for the standard rich-text entry fields, we didn’t find the experience consistently usable enough, so device detection has been required to only display the basic entry forms (although HTML markup would be supported). We have not at this stage enabled the facility to add images, since this is also part of the WYSIWYG toolbar.

For more information on ForumNG try here, or here.

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