Mobile VLE: collaborating via the OUwiki

Looking through the wiki, I realise how much more friendly it seems than MediaWiki – anyhow, despite the dates of the sample content in the screengrabs below being a bit old, rest assured that the version of the OUwiki module is as up to date as possible.

We haven’t included all the tabs nor some of the more complex tools (such as ‘Save to MyStuff’ and the reporting views available to staff). We’re also using ‘Wiki changes’ rather than the history function as a summary.

In addition to creating new sections and pages, the wiki content can also be edited in plain text mode (though this can throw up some odd layout and markup issues).

We’ve also optimised the ‘Wiki index’ and ‘Wiki changes’ views to give an overview of any updates and group interaction, but unfortunately the comparison view of any changes, while present, is in desktop-only mode [side-by-side].

Again, the aim of this feature is more as a quick overview on changes and progress as well as reading resources. Contributing content is possible at a small scale, but additions of imagery etc. are out of scope for now.

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