Mobile VLE: covering the required featureset

Since I started this latest series of blog articles with reference to the student survey that gave us the indicators for priority areas for development, I’ll wrap up by going back to this (originally referred to in the student rating blog post).

So, in order of priority for development, now complete:

  • Assessment – scores available more rapidly on StudentHome mobile portal as a result of parallel development
  • Messages – course messages and quick view of forums with unread posts on ‘launchpad’ view, ForumNG also optimised
  • Tasks – ‘tick-boxes’ can be used to keep track of progress, preserved on both mobile and desktop views
  • Planner – the course planner ‘launchpad’ view is optimised to display the current week, but also a quick view of 3, 5 or 9 weeks of activity, depending on course settings. There is also an entire-course view available, and courses without calendar weeks display in full
  • Resources – resource pages and the resource block are optimised and where mobile devices can handle downloadable resource files these will work in addition to Structured Content

To complete the collaborative tools provision, we also included OUWikis and OUBlogs which cross over between tasks, activities and resources.

Remaining areas for development:

  • Calendar – on hold subject to work with Google Apps
  • Search – will follow from a separate integrated search project
  • Glossary – should be able to be done in next development round
  • Objectives – learning objectives are usually implemented as resources, but could be drawn out subject to further verification

A follow up student survey will be available on StudentHome mobile, as before, once the successful release of these new features have been made available in September 2010, where we will also query further the demand for quizzes, eBooks and mobile apps.
In conclusion, many sincere thanks go to Anthony Forth in being able to bring some of this mobile development work ahead of schedule, and for his thoroughness in checking through the latest additions to our mobile-optimised featureset.

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