Mobile VLE v2 – Comms/Collaboration

Only a short post on this set of features for now, but in the interests of maintaining the ability for students to keep on top of their studies, we have optimised as much as is feasible for the Forum, Wiki and Blog tools. However, in evaluating the v1 beta, we found that the plain-text entry form we needed to use gave rise to some potential issues particularly with the wiki, where small errors in adding to or amending the code view could have [detrimental] impact on a group activity. As such we’re still reviewing the best approach.

In the OU ForumNG tool, optimisation also includes being able to collapse and expand messages or threads in addition to replying and posting [with appropriate permissions]:

The OU wiki has been optimised to show a read-only view at present, and will be reviewed alongside other features added at a later date:

The OU blog has also been optimised and comments can be added to existing posts, with the ability to add [rich text] posts again under review at this time:

Going forward, we are also watching with particular interest how apps such as the official Moodle app can be used to enable devices to capture rich media and upload directly to a user filespace for embedding in the collaborative tools. Similarly, the great mobile-optimisation work done by Google on Docs [rich text editing] in particular may be of benefit as we integrate this further with the VLE.

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