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Across the MA in Music, Open University students have the opportunity to develop different writing styles, with the chance to submit assignments that include blogs, concert reviews, CD liner notes, programme notes, online journal articles, encyclopedia entries, review articles, colloquy discussion pieces, lecture-recitals and conference papers.

A number of this year’s students on A873 have been taking the opportunity to publish their writings online. Anne Ku has been writing blogs for some years now, with several sites that include Concert Blog and Bon Journal. She also features writings on music on her own personal website. Debbie Nichol has developed her current review blog, Notes from Last Night, over the course of the year. Her aim is to give a record of her personal listening experiences, which include the music of Tom Doughty (seen right).

A number of students worked on their skills at writing about music by attending a conference on Music into Words at Morley College in London. Here they enjoyed the discussion of Ian Pace (Head of Performance at City University) on the subject ‘Jargon and the Play of Power around Writing on Music’.

It’s possible to find all sorts of outlets for writing on musical subjects. Another MA student, Chris Bissell, took the chance to submit a piece to the online journal Corymbus, who accepted one of his edited MA assignments on the subject of Piorbaireachd – the classical music of the great Highland bagpipe. We hope others will go on to do similar.


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