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July 31st, 2008 Posted by: l.dewis

Yes, we have launched it: OUView. It’s been a bit of a hard graft these last few days but we have a site and some content. Just waiting for the friends, subscribers, comments, outrage from senior management, applause, fans and fame now. For those of you who want to get straight to it see: www.youtube.com/ou. Learning materials are at: www.youtube.com/oulearn. Community stuff is at: www.youtube.com/oulife (watch this space a bit more here as the idea of launching a community space is that our community get involved, but you do get some vblogs from OU folks talking about what they’ve learnt in YouTube and some Big Brother style student vblogs from the Graduation video booth.)

My favourite clip is still uploading as I type so here’s my second favourite.

To those who want a deep and full understanding of what we are doing, read on… or if you are OU staff check out the online services intranet site. Back last year sometime Cathy Casserly suggested we talk to Google/YouTube about getting a bit more professional with our YouTube presence. For the last year or so YouTube have been working with a number of universities to get educational video online. So (after checking a few strategy documents and rereading our mission statement to check we could have some legitimate fun) we got in touch and they gave us a free branded channel, because as Google always say making the web a more useful place is good for business.

And we are, to steal a Hirst phrase, very OUseful. Not only do we have a long standing relationship with the BBC making educational programmes, but we also create tons of video for our distance learning materials. Here’s a fact for you… At the OU library in Milton Keynes, the archive of scripts for the tens of thousands of OU course-related programmes ever made measures 92 metres, the length of a football pitch. On top of that our students and staff often use video conferencing to contact each other since they are all over the Uk and some in other parts of the world. So we’ve been fondly known for many years as the “University of the Air”. But then came the Interweb and IPTV, narrow casting, web streaming and power to the people producers… so new opportunities.

There are tons of video sites now from Seesmic for conversation, to Qik for live streaming and many like The Big Think and TED which have an educational focus. So why YouTube? Well it’s a good place to start – according to Nielsen NetRatings, YouTube is the 6th largest internet destination. So reaching more people and opening up access to education should be within our grasp.

Oh and if you have any suggestions for new straplines for the YouTube banner (where it says Watch and learn) please comment them here… we aim to change this regularly. Otherwise, visit us, add us, comment on us, subscribe to us and tell the world how ace we are. For me. Pretty please. I am tired and I want to go home.

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