Art History matters to us…

At the OU, we teach our students to scrutinise the visual world around them, whether that’s a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, a ceramic done by an anonymous craftsmen, a local sculpture on the village green, or a building in which they live or work. Art History matters because it is everywhere; it’s the world around us!

The OU’s mission has always been to “be open to peopleplaces, methods and ideas. We promote educational opportunity and social justice … to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential.” Here in the Art History department, we take this mission seriously. This is particularly important in Art history– a discipline that is often seen as elitist and irrelevant for today’s world. We believe that art history is relevant and that as a discipline it will only be enriched by widening participation.

We give access to Art History in a number of ways: from our free open access materials on Open Arts Archive  (including Open Arts Journal and Open Arts Objects) and OpenLearn, and our co-production of BBC television series such as Civilisations, to our range of courses from BA to MA to the PhD.

Why does Art History matter to us?

It teaches us to look critically at the world around us…& to think about the things we do in our everyday lives from the buildings that we live in or work in, to the sculpture on the local village green or the graffiti on our street.

Art History matters because it is everywhere; it’s the world around us!

Watch this short film to learn about how the #arthistory department at the #openuniversity has always been dedicated to democratising the discipline.

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