Who’s Who: Amy Jane Barnes

Who are you and what do you do at the OU? What modules are you involved in/have been involved in?

My name is Amy Jane Barnes and I’m a Staff Tutor in Art History at The Open University. A big part of my role entails supporting and managing the associate lecturers who teach OU students on the Level 1 undergraduate module, ‘Discovering the Arts and Humanities’: an interdisciplinary course that introduces students to the different disciplines taught at The Open University in the Arts and Humanities – art history, history, classics, philosophy, religious studies, music and creative writing.

What got you interested in Art History?

It was quite by accident really. I was accepted onto an undergraduate art history course when I had planned to do either history or English literature. The decision to take that place opened up a world of possibilities, ultimately for the better. I was able to specialise in Asian art and after my undergraduate studies, went on to study a master’s degree and then a PhD in museum studies.  

What are your main research areas?

My research looks at the representation of cultures and communities in museums and galleries through collections and exhibitions. I also have a particular interest in propaganda art and design from China.  

What is your most significant publication or latest publication?

 My recent publications include Museum Representations of Maoist China (2014, Ashgate/Routledge) and the co-edited volume, A Museum Studies Approach to Heritage (2018, Routledge). 

For more information about my publications and research interests, please see my OU people profile.

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