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Timothy Chappell on Alan Turing: A retrospective

Alan Turing: A retrospectiveOn the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth Professor Timothy Chappell has contributed two audio tracks to the new OpenLearn album on Alan Turing: Life and Legacy. In the first he reflects on Turing’s personal life within the context of the society in which he lived. The second track covers Turing’s approaches to problem solving and how he applied his skills to help decipher the Enigma machine codes.

Seminar: Dr Costas Athanasopoulos, 5 November 2014

Dr Costas Athanasopoulos (University of Glasgow)
Demonstration (Απόδειξις) and its problems for St Gregory Palamas: Some neglected Aristotelian aspects of St Gregory Palamas’ Philosophy and Theology.
5 November 2014

I will discuss some often neglected aspects of St Gregory Palamas’ Philosophy and Theology in relation to his views on the use of Demonstration (Απόδειξις). My starting point will be Aristotle’s views on this and how St Gregory Palamas dealt with them in his treatises. Then, I will examine Sinkewicz’s and Ierodiakonou’s claims that either St Gregory Palamas did not understand the points Barlaam was making in relation to the use of Demonstration or that the Saint is mistaken on his interpretation of Aristotle. I will finish with some thoughts of why St Gregory Palamas expressed his critique on the use of Demonstration, which hopefully will clarify some of the intentions of the Saint on this debate (time permitting I will associate his views with some of the concerns of L. Wittgenstein, esp. in his late works).