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Timothy Chappell: book, visiting professorship, ethics conference

Professor Timothy Chappell’s book Knowing What To Do was published by OUP in March 2014. The TLS reviewer writes of it that  “This book must be praised as an inspiring expression of an ethical vision with deep historical roots and urgent contemporary relevance… Chappell’s book is itself an ethical exemplar, a study in the contemplation of value, a testament to ordinary goodness.” Professor Chappell was a Visiting Professor at Flinders University, Adelaide, for most of June 2014, where his activities included two day-length seminars on his book. He has also given talks at Wellington School and Chigwell School (the latter to the Bernard Williams Society—Chigwell was Williams’ own school). He was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Iris Murdoch Conference at Kingston University, and a guest lecturer at the University of Oslo in October 2014. In 2015 he will be part of a panel on moral psychology and the emotions at the Western Division of the APA. He is organising a conference on “30 years of Bernard Williams’ Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy” for July 3-5 2015, in Oxford, and in January 2016 will visit Auckland, New Zealand, for a conference on Role Ethics.


Seminar: Dr Joseph Schear, 3 December 2014

Mind Meaning and Rationality group seminar

Dr Joseph Schear (Christ Church, Oxford)
Domesticating Rationality
3 December 2014

I will consider various strategies for explaining our capacity for rationality, understood as responsiveness to reasons, in naturalistic, but nonetheless non-reductive, terms. I will offer some reasons for enthusiasm about such a project, and then offer some reasons for skepticism that any of the strategies I consider will ultimately be satisfying.