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MANCEPT Workshop on Work, 1-3 September 2015

Alex Barber and Sean Cordell have convened an interesting workshop on ‘Work’ at the annual MANCEPT conference in political theory at the University of Manchester. There will be a number of papers covering a wide range of research in philosophy, politics, economics and sociology.

More details from MANCEPT’s website.


Seminar: Dr Chris Woodard, 9 September 2015

Dr Chris Woodard (University of Nottingham)
Subjective well-being
9 September 2015

Well-being subjectivists aim to explain the nature of one central kind of value—well-being—entirely in terms of psychological states of valuing. This paper explores the attractions of well-being subjectivism, how best to develop it, and some of its implications. One conclusion is that subjectivism is compatible with the claim that subjects can be deeply mistaken about what is good for them, and that being prudent is very difficult.