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The British Society of Aesthetics Cambridge Lecture Series

British Society of AestheticsVenue: Seminar Room, 1 Newnham Terrace, Darwin College. (Enter by main door).

Time: 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Admission is free, and all are welcome.

Thursday 22nd October: Stacie Friend, Department of Philosophy, Birkbeck College: ‘The Real Foundation of Fictional Worlds’.

Tuesday 3rd November: Edward Winters: Artist and Philosopher. ‘Situating Joseph Cornell’.

Thursday 19th November: Matthew Kieran, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds: TBC.

For further information, contact Derek Matravers (

Seminar: Dr Stephen Boulter, 4 November 2015

 Dr Stephen Boulter (Oxford Brookes)
‘Can consequences be right-makers?’


This paper sets out a novel challenge to consequentialism as a theory in normative ethics. The challenge is rooted in the ontological claim that consequences of actions do not exist at the time required to be that in virtue of which actions are right or wrong, and so consequences cannot play the role attributed to them by consequentialists in ethics. The challenge takes the form of a dilemma. The consequentialist is confronted with a set of propositions she will find individually plausible but incompossible if taken in conjunction with consequentialism. The task is to restore consistency. The most plausible route to this end, I suggest, is to reject consequentialism. There are other ways of restoring consistency, but they come at the cost of endorsing highly implausible and unattractive theses. I begin by setting out the Continue reading