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Derek Matravers interviewed in ASAGE

Derek Matravers answers questions about his book, Fiction and Narrative, put to him by Michel-Antoine Xhignesse for ASAGE, an online journal in aesthetics and the philosophy of art. The opener:

“For those of our readers who may not have had a chance to read your book yet, could you explain its main thrust?”

Go here to read his answer, and to find out why he is so appalled by Wind in the Willows (“Give one iota of thought to it, and it just falls to bits. It starts looking utterly horrific: animals talking to each other one moment, and then sticking each other between slices of bread and eating one another the next”).


History of Philosophy Research Group seminar: Wednesday 6 April

Professor Thomas Uebel of the University of Manchester will present a Philosophy Department Research Seminar, at the Walton Hall campus, Wilson A, Meeting Room 05, from 2pm – 4pm on April 6.

Schlick and Wittgenstein: The Theory of ‘Konstatierungen’ Revisited

Abstract: Viewed from the perspective of the epistemology of science, Schlick’s theory of affirmations (‘Konstatierungen’) was a failure. Schlick meant affirmations to be observation statements that were not identical with the protocol statements recordable by scientists in the course of their work yet in some sense grounded our knowledge of the world. Interpreters either rejected the theory wholesale or saved only part of it for the price of discarding some other property that affirmations supposedly possessed. The present paper investigates whether it is possible to provide a more favourable interpretation of Schlick’s theory of affirmations by relating them more closely to the views and ideas of the ‘middle’ Wittgenstein, namely. In particular, it may be regarded as an attempt to improve his much earlier response to the challenge of skepticism by means which his familiarity with Wittgenstein’s unpublished writings made available to him.

All welcome. This event is hosted by the History of Philosophy Research Group. For information, contact: Cristina Chimisso


Call for Papers — Owning our Emotions

Call for Papers

International conference on

Owning our Emotions — Emotions, Authenticity, and the Self

Senate House, London
21-22 September 2016


The conference is organised by The Reasons and Norms Research Group, Department of Philosophy, The Open University, with the support of The Mind Association and The Institute of Philosophy