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Call for papers on Music and Video Games

Royal Music Association Music and Philosophy Study Group Conference
Kings College, London
13th – 14th July 2017

Music in Video Games Panel
Conveners: William Gibbons and Derek Matravers

There has been great deal of interest in the past few years within musicology and music theory in the contribution of music to the experience of playing video games. The topic has been relatively neglected in philosophy, although it is related to several extant discussions concerning other media. We would like to invite papers from any discipline which reflect on this topic, thus contributing to developing a philosophical take on the role of music in video games.

Topics of interest might include (but are not limited to):

• The contribution of music to the experience of playing video games.
• The relation between the music and other aspects of the video game, in particular the game’s narrative content
• The contribution of music to the nature of video games and their status as art
• The ontological status of video game music between real and virtual worlds
• The role of games in (re)defining the musical act
• Video games and the idea of musical play
Proposals of no longer than 300 words should be submitted to Derek Matravers ( with the subject heading “MPSG Themed Session” by 15th October 2016.


Derek Matravers interviewed for the Imperfect Cognitions blog

Derek was interviewed by Matilde Aliffi of the University of Birmingham. The interview can be found here

You can find out why he got into aesthetics, what the relation is between fiction and non-fiction, and between music and the emotions, and why aesthetics is so much more difficult than meta-ethics. Also, why his work is now taking him towards ‘just war theory’ and the protection of cultural heritage.