Monthly Archives: December 2018

Another PhD success!

Chris Yorke successfully defended his PhD, ‘Bernard Suits’ Utopia of Gameplay: A Critical Analysis’ in front of a formidable examination committee. From the left there is Jon Pike (supervisor), Chris, Professor Mike McNamee (Swansea), and Professor Sophie-Grace Chappell (Open University). Congratulations to Chris, and we look forward to seeing more of it in print!

Professor Christoph Hoerl (University of Warwick) at the Philosophy Research Seminar

In December’s Philosophy Research Seminar, Professor Christoph Hoerl from the University of Warwick came to speak to us about regret. The title of his talk was “No regrets. They don’t work… Suppose it’s just a point of view”. Audio from the talk can be found below.

Philosophy Values and Reasons Research Seminar: Programme Spring/Summer 2019

I am happy to announce the programme for our Philosophy Values and Reason Research Seminar, for Spring/Summer 2019.

Wednesday 9th January: Megan Blomfield (University of Sheffield)

Wednesday 6th February: Laura Gow (University of Liverpool)

Wednesday 6th March: Mark Pinder, Jon Pike and Sean Cordell (Open University)

Wednesday 10th April: Alfred Archer (Tilburg University)

Wednesday 1st May: Paulina Sliwa (University of Cambridge)

Wednesday 5th June: Antonia Peacocke (New York University)

Wednesday 3rd July: Ema Sullivan-Bissett (University of Birmingham)

All of the seminars take place in the Walton Hall Campus in Milton Keynes. If you would like to attend, please contact Mark Pinder.

(Updated 18th February 2019)