Monthly Archives: July 2019

PhD Viva Success: David Hurrell

Congratulations go to David Hurrell, who has successfully defended his PhD thesis on Nietzsche’s conception of decadence.

David was supervised by Manuel Dries, Sophie-Grace Chappell and Cristina Chimisso. The examiners were Andrew Huddleston (Birkbeck) and Derek Matravers.L-R: Manuel Dries; David Hurrell; Andrew Huddleston; Derek Matravers.


Philosophy Values and Reasons Research Seminar 2019/2020: Programme

We are happy to announce the programme for the Department of Philosophy’s Values and Reason Research Seminar Series, for the academic year 2019/20.

Thursday 3rd October 2019: Carolyn Price (The Open University)

Wednesday 6th November 2019: Natalia Waights Hickman (University of Oxford)

Wednesday 4th December 2019: Constantine Sandis (University of Hertfordshire)

Wednesday 8th January 2020: Giuseppina D’Oro (Keele University)

Wednesday 5th February 2020: Solveig Aasen (University of Oslo)

Wednesday 4th March 2020: Anil Gomes (University of Oxford)

Wednesday 1st April 2020: Josh Habgood-Coote (University of Bristol)

Wednesday 6th May 2020: Ema Sullivan-Bissett (University of Birmingham)

Wednesday 3rd June 2020: Michael Frazer (University of East Anglia)

All of the seminars take place in the Walton Hall Campus in Milton Keynes, 2pm-4pm. If you would like to attend, please contact Mark Pinder.

Dr Antonia Peacocke (NYU) at the Philosophy Research Seminar

In June’s Philosophy Research Seminar, Dr Antonia Peacocke from New York University spoke to us about how literature expands the imagination.

According to Dr Peacocke, poetic devices in literature can direct your attention to previously unnoticed phenomenal properties of your own experiences. allowing you to conceptualize those previously unnoticed properties. One upshot is that literature can help you form new phenomenal concepts to expand the range of your active phenomenal imagination.