Derek Matravers’s new book is out!

All you need to know about empathy can be found in Derek Matravers‘s new book — entitled, appropriately enough, Empathy (Polity, 2017). Heather Battally (of Cal State, Fullerton) describes it as ‘A terrific introduction to the concept of empathy’. Karsten Stueber (who wrote an excellent book on the subject, called Rediscovering Empathy) describes it as ‘very enjoyable, highly nuanced, and historically astute…a first rate introduction.’ Further information, including a table of contents are available here.

Derek Matravers's Empathy (Polity 2017)

Derek Matravers’s Empathy (Polity 2017)

The book is out in the same series as Carolyn Price‘s excellent book, Emotion, which was published by Polity in 2015.