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ContraVisions: Exploring future technologies

6 September 2010 No Comment

We conducted a study based on filming two futuristic scenarios, getting a group of potential users to watch and discuss the films.  The two scenarios were carefully crafted to present opposing experiences of the same technology.  For the purposes of producing the films for this study we imagined a future technology called DietMon, which allows a user to obtain calorific information about food that they might like to consume by simply looking at the food for 3 seconds.  This imagined technology also included a embedded micro-sensor that monitored physical activity and physiological factors in order to give the user feedback of how well they were meeting their dieting goals.

The videos were were produced with the assistance of Tony Coe of Two Cats Can, a professional film production company.  Extracts from each video, together with our Media Showcase submission to CHI 2010 can be found below.

If you are unable to stream the videos below, try right-clicking the links and downloading the files to your computer. Some of the files are large, so unless you’re on a fast connection, there may be a significant delay while the files are downloaded rather than streamed.

ContraVisions Media

ContraVisions: DietMon videos

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