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Privacy Butler: A Personal Privacy Rights Manager for Online Presence

19 March 2010 No Comment

The online presence projected by a person is comprised of all the information about them available on the Internet. In online communities and social networking services, it is often possible for third-parties to modify this content by, for example, commenting on existing content or uploading new content. This has the potential to negatively impact the privacy of a presence owner (the person referred to by the on-line content) by disclosing information about them without consent. In this paper we propose a Privacy Butler, an automated service that can monitor a person’s online presence and attempt to make corrections based on policies specified by the owner of the online presence.

Reference: R. Wishart, D. Corapi, A.  Madhavapeddy, M. Sloman, ” Privacy Butler: A Personal Privacy Rights Manager for Online Presence,” in proceedings of the 1st IEEE PerCom Workshop on Smart Environments, Manheim, Germany, 29 Mar – 2 April 2010.

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