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Our Privacy Policy

23 June 2008 No Comment

The PRiMMA Project is helping to define how ordinary users of both mobile and static computing applications can protect their privacy. We rely on volunteers to participate in our research by answering questions about their opinions and experience of various technologies. In the course of our work, some participants will reveal personal information, including information about their location, to the PRiMMA project team. In certain studies and with informed consent, some participants may reveal information about themselves to other participants. All data received by the project team will be encrypted and stored in a dedicated database hosted on a secured project server, which can be accessed only within the Open University internal network and only by authorized members of the project team who hold the keys. Participants in our research are welcome to withdraw from a study at any time and upon request we will destroy any data we hold about them. At the conclusion of each study all of the data will be anonymized to remove the links between personal data and personally identifying details and participants will be invited to debriefing sessions where we will share the results of our research and invite them to ask any questions of the team. All of the personal data stored by the project team will be permanently deleted within eighteen months of the conclusion of the project. In the unlikely event of a confirmed security breach we will inform all participants within seven days of confirmation.

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