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The Privacy Rights Management for Mobile Applications (PRiMMA) project is a 3 year EPSRC funded research project that started in 2008.  The project is investigating privacy requirements across the general population for a specific set of ubiquitous computing technologies and will produce a reusable framework with demonstrator applications. The project is based on a select set of scenarios and evaluations are being carried out with participants across a population with wide demographic range. PRiMMA is focusing on investigating and addressing of privacy issues associated with ubiquitous computing interaction. The aim is to develop a Privacy Rights Management (PRM) framework that will enable users to specify and manage the privacy of personal context information generated by a pervasive system. This framework will integrate users’ privacy policies with their personal information to control how information is used.


  • Funded by UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council – EPSRC (EP/F024037/1and EP/F023294/1)
  • Joint research project between The Open University and Imperial College London
  • Duration: 3 years, started in June 2008
  • Total funding: ~ £ 1.25 M

Recent updates about research ...

PRiMMA Mobile Privacy Workshop

Organised by the investigators working on the PRiMMA project, this 1-day workshop brings together the various UK research groups working in the area of privacy and mobile applications.