Investigating how people use mobile phones for learning English in Milton Keynes

Welcome to¬†the SALSA (Sensors and Apps for Languages in Smart Areas) project blog. The project starts in October 2014. We’ll be keeping you posted about our progress here.

For now, you can read the press release on the MK: Smart website.

We’ll be finding out about how people use apps to support their English language learning in Milton Keynes. We’re interested to find out what people use, how, and where. We’ll also be testing out some beacons (small sensors that can trigger learning materials) to find out if they are helpful for location based learning: a powerful approach to supporting language learning while out and about.

Why Milton Keynes? there’s an exciting large scale project here, MK:Smart, ¬†exploring how it can become a ‘smart city’ using technology to benefit its citizens. Future education is a key element. So it’s a great place to test possible technology supported approaches to learning.

We’re keen to get in contact with people using mobile phones to help learning English in Milton Keynes, or their teachers or advisors. If you’d like to find out more, contact me, Dr. Mark Gaved, at the Open University:

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