Beacons, beacons, beacons!

Happy 2015!

This month we’ve been working hard on developing our app, and getting it talking to beacons. It’s thrown up a lot of interesting questions about how people might interact with beacons and what they might want to see. Richard, our developer, has built a really great app and we’re currently working on its final design. ¬†Here’s a quick preview of the early demonstrator:


You can see we have a progression from the user being notified that a beacon has been detected (similar to an SMS notification) , through to a list of beacons nearby, and then finally when a beacon is clicked on, linked through to the content. We’ve had to think about what sort of content we should offer, and how the user views the beacons. One of the key¬†ideas behind SALSA is that a language learner is prompted with very location specific language learning activities as they move around the city. Our language learning experts tell us that learning about a context, when in a context, is very powerful. But what happens if the language learner is prompted when they are talking with a friend, or in a hurry? We’re now thinking about how the learner might review their journey later in the day, and review location-specific activities at a later date.

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