Ready to go!

We’ve had a busy Spring at SALSA. Richard’s been working on the app and we now have a fully tested system ready to go. We’ve been checking everything at the Open University and we’re now ready for deployment.  Peter’s also been working on the look-and-feel, to give us something that works well when you’re out and about.


We have a classic 1-2-3 mode of operation.

  1. When you pass a SALSA beacon in town, your phone will flash up a message on screen and also vibrate to alert you that your near a SALSA learning activity.
  2. Checking your phone, you’ll see a list of beacons nearby.
  3. Tapping on one of the selections will take you to the content on your phone.

We’re focussing on providing all the content on the phone, so it doesn’t need a phone or data connection to work (which also means no network charges to use it); but we could link out to content on the web when you’re near a WiFi connection, so we’re thinking about how people might use it. We’ve also been thinking about the different ways people might interact with the app: watch this space for future developments.

Richard’s set up the system to support multiple languages- so a content developer could give us information in several languages and it will display the user’s preferred choice. Handy if you’d like to use SALSA in a place where you might want to provide information for an audience who might speak a range of languages.

Next step is deployment around the city: we’ve been talking with a number of interested parties and also getting some great feedback from language learners who are helping us.

Get in contact if you’d like to try SALSA yourself, or you’d like to talk to us about setting up the SALSA system where you live.


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