Field trials: starting soon!

The SALSA project is ready to field trial our system around Milton Keynes. During July, we’ll be asking a group of language learners to take a smartphone with them while they are out and about in their daily activities around the town. We have a dozen different language learning scenarios that we’re going to ask them to experience. The participants will be keeping a diary, and reporting back their impressions and how this has affected their experiences of learning.

The┬ámajority of the learners will be coming from our original group at the Adult Education Centre in Bletchley, who have been wonderful supporters of the project. We’ve also had interest from a number of other learning organisations and so a smaller number of learners will also be present from these groups. We’d always be interested to hear from other educators as well if you’d like to find out more: while we may be limited in our capacity to extend this small pilot, there are always opportunities for further trials.

We’ve got agreement to place the beacons around a variety of places, and each one has had its own challenges, and got us thinking about what we mean by “location-triggered” learning: do we mean when you are near a building or locality? or inside the building in a particular place? this has caused us to think both in conceptual terms but also practical terms, as our beacons have radio characteristics: they’ll be blocked by thick walls for example. We’re excited to see what feedback we get from our learners!

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