What is suitable content for location-triggered learning?

With the kind support of the Open University we’ve been able to commission some learning activities specifically for the SALSA project. We’ve worked from our experience with the previous MASELTOV project and been working on what we think would be an appropriate learning activity that somebody might engage with when out and about.

SALSA content - dialogue at the council offices

If you were to be ‘nudged’ by your phone to try out a language activity while you were out walking around a town, how long could you give it? We think at most people would want to spend 10-15 minutes (e.g. at the library, or waiting at the council offices), possibly less. But this depends on the type of material: some prompts for phrases that are immediately useful may need to be much shorter in length, while if you had time on your hands – such as on a bus ride – you might be prepared to engage with more detailed material. So we’ve designed our learning activities to enable people to dip in and out, and move across the content as they wish. We also recognise that while people may appreciate a prompt at a location, they might not be able to act on the prompt there and then, ┬ábut return to it at a time more appropriate to them, such as in the evening when they are relaxing. So we’ve included some extended texts. We’ve also taken the opportunity to include audio files, as our language learning experts tell us pronunciation is a big challenge for learners – and we are in Milton Keynes, the town of Loughton, Woughton, and Broughton (all pronounced with a different “-ough” sound).

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