SALSA- Live in Milton Keynes!

SALSA is now running live in Milton Keynes! We have 27 beacons across the town, triggering 12 different learning scenarios. Currently, we have a group of English language learners trying out our system and keeping a diary to record their impressions.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll find out how our participants get on with our system, and how it helps their learning. We’ll be finding out how robust the technology is, how the app performs, and what our participants’ impressions of the learning activities are. As you can see, we have a good distribution of beacons around the town centre.


We’ve also got some beacons spread across the broader area, and we have to thank Arriva buses for letting us try out our system on their cutting edge electric buses on the No.7 route (the orange line). Future learning on future transport.


We trialled the technology by setting up an art trail around the Open University campus, but there were still some nerves when setting up in the town centre. So it was with great relief that the technical team found all the beacons up and running, and broadcasting clearly on a walk round the town after a summer shower.


Spot the SALSA beacon! (the little grey box on the bus shelter, top right of the picture)

Our learners have had the option of using a loaned phone (a Motorola Moto G) or their own phone, so we’ll hear how the app performed on a range of devices. We’ll keep you posted as the learners report back.

Our thanks to the various organisations who have kindly agreed to host beacons: Milton Keynes Council, Arriva Buses, XpressoNet Cafe, Christ Cornerstone Cafe, Bletchley Leisure Centre, Shenley Church End Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes Libraries, Rivers Adult Continuing Education Centre, MK Art Gallery.

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