We Need You!

As SocialLearn edges ever closer to being made available to students and alumni (Monday 16 April, for those in eager anticipation), we in the SocialLearn office are on the hunt for the best moderators that the web has to offer.

We are looking for people to join the SocialLearn team, who are excited by online learning, social networking platforms and mingling with people. It’s not all just admin stuff like moderating topics and flagging up content, but about growing, engaging, and inputting into a community, feeding back ideas and suggestions to the Online Communities and Web Development Manager (aka Hannah), to take forward with you.

So the search is on for those with a creative yet diplomatic personality, who can remain cool at all times, with fantastic interpersonal skills, a team player, can pick up new tools quickly and have an understanding of online community platforms – if this sounds like you, and you wish to volunteer your services as a SocialLearn Guide then email us at SocialLearn@open.ac.uk and tell us why we need you!

We look forward to hearing from you


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2 Responses to We Need You!

  1. Rob Johnson-Taylor says:

    Looking at number of social websites and in particular OUSA forums, I am very concerned by that activities, albeit a small minority but which are very aggressive, showing no respect of others; posting messages on sites with no regards to how they may affect or offend others. At the OU we have students from all walks and stations in life, some of whom are as young as 11 years old studying for degrees, some suffer from clinical depression and have found the OU a manageable outlet for dealing with others, some may have terminal illnesses, and others senior in years.
    It is all well and good to have rules, codes of conduct etc. but they must be enforced, else not only will these facilities be spoilt for the majority of users it would bring the OU into disrepute.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rob

      Thank you for your comments, I agree that policies and procedures must be followed to ensure a safe learning and social environment for all of our learners. This is why we are recruiting a team to work with the SocialLearn office to ensure this takes place.

      Many thanks

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