Coming Soon To A Community Near You

The SocialLearn office is a hive of activity so  we can soon launch Communities into SocialLearn.

No more wandering around alone in social spaces, instead you will soon be able to post your Thoughts, Questions, Paths, Events, Tasks and Collections directly into the communities that you are a member of!

Meet and network with people in communities that are of like-minded learning interests, share learning collated from across the web, to develop your learning and the learning of others further.

SocialLearn will keep you posted about this impending feature release, in the meantime you can add friends and followers to Collections, transforming them into private groups. Collections can also be shared publicly by selecting the ‘Everyone’ option.


SocialLearn Website

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3 Responses to Coming Soon To A Community Near You

  1. Selwyn says:

    Brilliant, just followed the links to this and I think it will certainly be a hit.

    Selwyn Davies T306

  2. Emer Mullen says:

    Sounds great – an antidote to ivory tower syndrome!

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