On the shoulders of giants

At the heart of our project is a stylometric analysis of written texts, how appropriate then that one of the articles in our corpus is doing the same thing.

Brougham was trying to identify the author of the Junius letters,
and conducted his own stylistic analysis.

From Brougham_Junius_Letters_ER_29_1817, lines 709-715:

<p>There are various peculiarities of spelling which occur uniformly in both writers; and
 neither of them has any such peculiarity that is not common to both. Thus, they both write
 'practise' with an s; 'compleatly' instead of 'completely;' 'ingross,' intire, intrust,
 and many other such words, which are usually begun with an e—endeavor without an u—skreen
 with a k, and several others. There may not be much in any of these instances taken singly;
 but when we find that all the peculiarities that belong to either writer are common to both,
 it is impossible not to receive them as ingredients in the mass of evidence.</p>

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