SusTEACH survey update

The SusTEACH project is progressing well and we have been busy with the following activities:

1.  We have conducted a survey with students on OU modules and conducted a pilot study with students at Loughborough University and Cranfield University.  Further surveys have been prepared to invite student participation from Loughborough University, Cranfield University and the University of Oxford over the coming months at an appropriate time in the university calender. This process is ongoing and will be complete by February 2012.

2. The collection of campus data for printed materials and paper, energy consumption (including ICT-related energy consumption), and student VLE activity is in process at The OU.  This data is being gathered to complement the student impact data and this process will be extended to the SusTEACH partner HEI.

3. Three surveys aimed at OU Associate Lecturers, OU Lecturers and Lecturers in partner HEI have been launched and will assess the environmental impacts attributed to working on the presentation and/or production of different modules in HE. 344 Associate Lecturers on the the five selected OU modules were surveyed and we achieved a response rate of 36%. We have also had an excellent response to the survey from all of the senior lecturers who are module or course chairs both in the OU and the partner HEI.

4.  We have developed a dataset of conversions factors for the energy consumption and CO2 emissions associated with travel, use of ICT, paper and print, and heating and lighting.   These will be used throughout our survey analysis as part of the carbon assessment. This supports the preparation of the SusTEACH project methodology for assessing the environmental impacts of HE Teaching Models using ICTs.

5. The analysis of the data has begun, together with preliminary work on the carbon assessment of each of the modules surveyed. We have almost completed the OU analysis of the environmental impacts of 5 OU modules with a first draft written up in December 2011.

6.  The Efficient ICT 2011: Greener Government Event 14 September 2011 held in London was attended . This proved to be an interesting opportunity for finding out about government ICT strategy, particularly with respect to CLoud computing, virtualisation, and the convergence of the green and efficiency agendas.

7.  The’ Sustainability and Enterprise’ event organised by the  Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE), being held on 20 September 2011 at The OU will be attended and supported with a poster presentation by Dr Sally Caird about the SusTEACH project and research related to the themes of greening organisational processes, and the development and adoption of Low and Zero Carbon technologies.

8. The project team also attended the Criteria for sustainable E-Learning workshop on 1st November 2011 at the OU, with Professor Andy Lane presenting on Economic Best Practice Criteria.

About Sally

My research interests lie in sustainable development and innovation solutions to address urban challenges. I have an extensive research record examining innovation processes associated with the design, use, impact and evaluation of new technologies in different contexts. Have also worked significantly to support innovation and enterprise in SMEs. Have strong interests in the design of web-tools and resources which led to development of educational tools to support innovation, enterprise and sustainability.
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