Co-related Research Group in Cisco Academic Community

Whilst a little more subject and discipline specific the Cisco Learning Institute the educational research charity, autonomous from Cisco Systems and the Cisco Academy programme has been working with the Cisco Networking Course Team at the Open University amongst many others to develop end deploy the Networking Education Research Collaborative which can be found at

This research community is still in its infancy, work has already begun to share thoughts, ideas and research, with the site supporting an independent repository for papers as well as work spaces for projects.

As a member of TERG and an academic within MCT at the Open University you are more than welcome to sign up, submit papers and create potential links to international academics with a similar mindset and background.

With over 37000 educators in the international programme, many who work in research as well as teaching we are in the the unique position of being able to support the development of this initiative.

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    Are you employed with Cisco by any chance?

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