Joint SIRG/TERG Research Day (afternoon session)

We had a nice lunch and chat (with a dramatic rain and hailstorm outside!). Then we moved into the afternoon session. The aim here was to discuss ways forward, and how we could all help each other to develop our research.

Most of the time was spent in a group discussion to bring out the main issues and ideas. Here’s a summary of the notes made during the discussion:

Individual versus group activities

Relationship between SIRG & TERG - Merge? Overlap?

Common threads of the two groups – social studies

Identity/strategy/presentation of group and of individuals

Interdisciplinarity as an advantage

Development of members

Links with researchers in Social sciences faculty e.g. CRESC project

Regular reading  (and writing) group. Size matters - not too big. Can get to know the literature. Can gain feedback on your work.

‘Glass ceiling’ between writing conference papers and writing journal papers.

Issues include: journal papers take more time; lack of deadlines for journals; need for confidence; need to know literature, theory & methods; conferences more enjoyable (but hard to get funding).

Conflicting demands of course (or regional) work and research. Course work has more structures & deadlines than research (except funded research projects).

Use reading group to provide structure, deadlines,  critical readers, support, feedback, peer pressure.

Similar to a production course team. Have agreed action points and drafting stages for journal papers.

Research grants and/versus publications. Funded projects provide structure, funding, deadlines, peer support etc.

Funding would enable us to pay for research work by AL consultants.

We spent the final 40 minutes asking each person to mention one thing that they wanted to achieve in the next 6 months, and what support they would like to help them to do this. Here’s a quick note of what everyone said:


Write her book. Would like scheduled critical reading of draft chapters.  


Finish her online teaching material and plan how to take it forward as research. Would like critical readers and advice on the research possibilities.


Submit two journal papers from her tablet PC work. Would like critical readers and advice on possible journals.


Write full draft of one journal paper and outline of the other. Would like critical readers for both.


Submit thesis. Would like feedback on the links in the main part to material in the literature survey.


Have book proposal accepted. Then would like critical readers for his own chapter.


Submit bid. Would like collaborators and feedback, together with advice on where to submit it.


Submit journal paper based on WiST project work. Would like scheduled critical reading of drafts.  


Have book proposal accepted. Then would like critical readers for all the chapters.


Have a full draft of his thesis. Then would like critical readers for it. Also advice on the way forward for his structuration journal paper.

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