“Open Science: application and benefits” workshop

From 2-4pm on Wednesday 16th March, there will be a workshop entitled “Open Science: application and benefits” held in the Library Research Meeting Room, which is on the 2nd Floor of the Open University Library building.

This session is open to all researchers, research managers and administrators at The Open University but will be particularly beneficial for research students and early career researchers.

The presenters will be Nancy Pontika, Project Officer, Knowledge Media Institute and Wendy Mears, Research Data Librarian:

Don’t be fooled by the term Open Science; the concepts, benefits and methods of Open Science apply to all research disciplines. This workshop will show you how the application of Open Science concepts and methodologies to your own work can help build a strong research profile and boost your career. Sound research data management (RDM) is key to the practice of Open Science; you will be introduced to the principles and methods of RDM in the second hour of the session.

By the end of the workshop early career researchers will understand the concepts and key components of Open Science, and will be able to apply Open Science practices, including sound research data management, in their own research projects.

Refreshments and cake will be available during the session.

To book a place please email library-training@open.ac.uk with your name, which Faculty you are in and a brief sentence about your research area.

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