New research data management service: calling all early adopters!

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Do you need a large scale data store for your live research data projects?

Do you have data you wish to archive from research nearing completion?

If so the Library research support team may be able to help; we are looking for researchers to help us test out our new research data management system later this summer.

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We are now making progress with our project to provide an OU research data storage system. The system is supplied by Figshare, a company set up in 2010 by an Imperial College PhD student who needed a large scale store for his research data.

Figshare allows you to:

  • STORE research outputs, and live research data, securely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.
  • SHARE research privately within your team or with collaborators.
  • MAKE THEM PUBLIC to increase impact and citations.
  • DISCOVER research data sets from others working in your field.

We plan to have a test system working later in the summer, and a live system before the end of the year. From around the middle to end of August we will be looking for interested researchers to help us test system functionality and workflows, and provide feedback to help us develop the product. We will send out a call for help later in the summer but if you’d like to check out how other research institutions have been using Figshare you can take a look at Loughborough’s or Cranfield’s Figshare sites.

If you need somewhere to store your live research data, or completed research data sets, get in touch with the Library Research Support team.


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