ORO Faculty Reports 2015-16

We’ve produced some Faculty Reports for the University Year 2015-16 based on the new Faculty structure. We’ve been able to report at School level which shows some interesting detail in both the downloads and deposits in the last University year and going back to 2009-10.



There are some challenges mapping old departments to new schools, especially where new Schools could not be previously mapped (e.g. The Law School).  This has resulted in varying degrees of Unaffiliated deposits and downloads, especially in FBL, nevertheless I think it’s a useful exercise.  Any feedback welcome!

FASS 2015-16 ORO Update (PDF)

STEM 2015-16 ORO Update (PDF)

WELS 2015-16 ORO Update (PDF)

FBL 2015-16 ORO Update (PDF)

IET 2015-16 ORO Update (PDF)

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