“Metrics: what they are and how to use them” – session slides

Chris and I delivered a training session today entitled “Metrics: what they are and how to use them”.

We defined metrics (a.k.a. bibliometrics or quantitative research indicators), looked at how researchers are using them to demonstrate their excellence, contrasted three databases that provide metrics, examined certain popular metrics, looked at author profile systems in relation to metrics and discussed the uses and abuses of metrics.

We aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge they need to navigate this part of the research environment and we hope that people left with an understanding of how metrics can be useful and what their srengths and weaknesses are. The session really highlighted how metrics continue to be an important albeit contentious area that sheds a useful light on some of the murkier aspects of research assessment.

Here are the session slides:

We also drew attention to the Library advice regarding the responsible use of quantitative research indicators . This document outlines our approach to bibliometrics, representing current good practice and acting as a guide for future activities.

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