Dimensions – a new service for discovering and analysing academic literature

Researchers may be interested to try out the free version of Dimensions, a new research information platform from Digital Science (the company behind Figshare, Altmetric, Readcube etc.).

Screenshot of Dimensions search page

Its main functionality includes:

  • Discovery – search for journal articles, books and other research literature
    • It indexes over 89m publications
    • You can view PDFs where available, open access content is highlighted and links to publisher pages are provided for other content (so you can still potentially login and get the full text if your institution has access)
  • Analysis – gain insights into research via a wide sets of linked data covering citation counts, linked grants, patents and clinical trials
  • Insights into impact/popularity – via citation counts and Altmetric scores (mentions on social media, in the news, in policy documents, on social bookmarking services etc.)

It has been described as an alternative starting point to Google Scholar – see what you think and let us know!

Learn more about Dimensions at www.dimensions.ai

Screenshot of Dimensions item page

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