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Did you know that Research Data Management is an allowable cost in grant bids for a number of research funders, including RCUK?

This is great news for anyone worried about the extra time and money needed to effectively curate, share and preserve their research data, but it can be difficult to work out where costs will arise and how much they will be.

To help you to discover costs for RDM and apply these to your bid, I have just added some new guidance to the RDM intranet site, available here. This will help you to identify the data management costs involved in your research project by asking a number of questions about the type of data you will be collecting and how it needs to be processed.

If you need further advice on how to cost RDM into your funding bid, ask your faculty research manager or email

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Research Support Librarian at the Open University. I look after ORDO, the institutional research data repository and provide guidance and training on all thing research data related.
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