Top ORO Downloads for September – Engaging and Open Research

Just made it before the end of the month! (It’s been busy). Top ORO downloads for September are below.



PDF of the Top 15: SeptemberTop15

The  significant new item is the final report from the RCUK funded Public Engagement with Research Catalyst, An Open Research University.

In the report Richard Holliman writes that:

Engaged research … will only be prioritised on a sustainable basis if researchers:

  1. Generate funds to cover the costs for them, their stakeholders, and associated expenses for activities.
  2. Produce quality outputs, ideally ones that can be submitted to future sector-wide assessments of research.

I might be stretching it a bit, but there are echoes to me of how Open Access Publishing will only be sustainable if:

  1. We are creative in unlocking funds tied up in the existing subscription model (see Open Library of Humanities and UCL Press).
  2. Researchers publish quality Open Access research outputs with quality Open Access publishers (see The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association).



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