Open University voices past and present have been heard this week, with three new publications covering issues of employability, offender learning and the future of distance learning.

Reflection on the “new dynamics” of distance education: an interview with Sir John Daniel

Colin Latchem interviews Sir John Daniel, former Vice-Chancellor of the Open University, about the most pressing needs and demands for online and distance learning (ODL) in the coming years. Sir John suggests that  secondary level and non-formal should be key focusses, with ‘huge opportunity to expand its use’ (p.421).

Narrating unfinished business: adult learners using credit transfer to re-engage with higher education 

This article in Studies in Continuing Education by current OU Centre for Inclusion and Collaborative Parnerships lecturer Ann Pegg (writing with former colleague Terry Di Paolo) aims to further understanding of the use of credit transfer. Evidence collected from interivews with 26 mature students suggests that credit transfer is used in a range of ways by learners, and feature in individuals’ narratives of successful learning journeys.

Digital exclusion or learning exclusion? An ethnographics study of adult male distance learning in English prisons

Drawing on PhD research, this article applies a wide ranging literature on digital exclusion to the offender learners in English prisons. The article highlights the range of challenges facing offender learners in pursuing education by distance learning in prisons. The potential effect of the current Government’s push for ‘working’ prisons is also considered.

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