Injustice: Why social inequality persists

by Daniel Dorling

ISBN 9781847424266

Published: 21 Apr 2010

Few would dispute that we live in an unequal and unjust world, but what causes this inequality to persist? Leading social commentator and academic Danny Dorling claims in this timely book that, as the five social evils identified by Beveridge are gradually being eradicated, they are being replaced by five new tenets of injustice, viz:

* elitism is efficient;

* exclusion is necessary;

* prejudice is natural;

* greed is good; and

* despair is inevitable.

In an informal yet authoritative style, Dorling examines who is most harmed by these injustices and why, and what happens to those who most benefit. Hard-hitting and uncompromising in its call to action, this is essential reading for everyone concerned with social justice.

“His attack on elitism and despair is impressive, his factual evidence undeniable.” Rt Hon David Blunkett MP

via Injustice (Hardback) – published by The Policy press.

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